Direct Fired

DF Series

Available in LP/NG


An economical heating solution for well-ventilated heating projects, the DF Series are proven to be extremely durable workhorses that provide quick heat and reliable operation.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Heating Capacity400,000 BTU/h1,500,000 BTU/h
Dual Stage FiringNoYes / Lo-Fire & Hi-Fire
Fan Motor1/2HP1HP
Air Outlet Diameter16"24"
Supply Gas Pressure1/2lb PSI max. or 7"-14" w.c.1/2lb PSI max. or 7"-14" w.c.
Inlet Pipe Connection3/4" NPT1-1/4" NPT
Ball/Valve SwitchoverYesYes
Thermostat ControlIncludedIncluded
Manifold Gas Pressure1.4" w.c. LP / 3.5" w.c. NG1.6" w.c. LP / 3.6" w.c. NG
Gas Consumption (Propane)157 CFH @ 4.35 US Gal/hr589 CFH @ 16.5 US Gal/hr
Gas Consumption (Natural Gas)390 CFH @ 10.7 US Gal/hr1,461 CFH @ 40.8 US Gal/hr
Power Requirement120V/15amp120V/15amp
Crated Dimensions51"L x 31"W x 33"H75"L x 40"W x 53"H
Approximate Crated Weight210lbs420lbs
Approvals / CertificationETLETL