Turning Up The Heat

Since 1965

For over 55 years, Frost Fighter has been manufacturing the highest quality, most reliable, and durable line of Industrial Grade Portable Indirect Fired Heating Systems in the industry. Our commitment to ensure we engineer the safest, most technically advanced, and efficient systems has made the Frost Fighter brand the premier choice for customers demanding proven, dependable heating systems in the harshest temperatures & weather environments from the North slope of Alaska to the far reaches of South America, Asia, and beyond. With a heating lineup from 170,000 BTU/h to 1,500,000 BTU/h, you can be assured of having a temporary heating solution designed to met your project's needs. All Frost Fighter heaters are individually tested, meet OSHA standards and are either CSA or ETL certified.

Who we are:

Located in the heart of the North American continent in Winnipeg, Canada, Frost Fighter is a team focused on designing and producing the BEST indirect fired and electric temporary construction heaters made. Our staff has an average tenure of over 15 years per person and that experience provides us with a broad depth of real world knowledge that ensures the highest quality, most reliable heater leaves our plant and arrives at your site ready to go to work for years to come.

Common Heater Applications

  • General Construction
  • Concrete Curing
  • Bridge / Road Building
  • Restoration / Relief
  • Equipment Pre-heating
  • Masonry
  • Mining
  • Oil & Pipeline Industries
  • Drying of Paint / Coatings
  • Livestock Temperature Control
  • Aircraft Pre-heating
  • Dam Building Projects
  • Agricultural Moisture Control
  • Tent & Event Heating
  • Pest Control

We also provide temporary cooling solutions too!

ICE Air Portable Cooling Solutions

ICE Air's innovative design has continuously redefined the portable cooling industry. In fact, we are making history with the introduction of the ICEberg Series, which is several steps ahead of the competition. We believe our products should evolve, improve, and innovate. Available in both Air & Water cooled from 1 to 10 ton. The ICEberg Series is so small and full of standard features, you won't believe it!

Frost Fighter is a member of the ARA (American Rental Association) and CRA (Canadian Rental Association) and sells to numerous rental & equipment companies across North America.

Contact the factory at 1-888-792-0374 for the dealer nearest to you.