Self-contained Series

IDH 500T, IDH 1000 & IDH 1300

Available in Oil/Diesel


A powerful, robust heating solution for remote areas or emergency applications. Equipped with dual industry proven Oil/Diesel heaters delivering a combined 1,000,000 BTU/h and up 3.5” of static pressure for longer duct runs of up to 100ft per outlet. Each heater is independently mounted on slide rails for easy access and offers the flexibility to use standard power vs generator power if available. A complete trailer package with on-board fuel tanks and generator make this the ideal heater for the toughest job-site environments. Available with optional LED lights, beacon, & cold weather package.

The IDH 1000 & IDH 1300 have all of the same performance, except that the IDH 1000 has four point lifting, whereas the IDH 1300 has a larger 300 US Gal tank. 

Technical Specifications

Maximum Heating CapacityUp to 500,000 BTU/hUp to 1,000,000 BTU/h
Heated Air Volume4800 CFMDual 4,800 CFM
Maximum Static Pressure3.5"Dual 3.5"
Available Outlet Configuration12", 16" or 20"Quad 12", Dual 16" or Dual 20"
Maximum Total Duct LengthUp to 100ftUp to 100ft per Outlet
Total On-Board Fuel Capacity240 US Gal200 US Gal
Environmental Spill ContainmentYesYes
Approximate Run Time52 hrs27 hrs
Duct & Tool StorageductYes
Adjustable Ball/Pintle HitchYesYes
Industrial Quality GeneratorStamford 9.6KwStamford 9.6Kw
3-Cylinder Liquid Cooled EngineMultiple optionsKubota or Yanmar
Block Heater/Battery Trickle ChargeYesYes
SHORE Power / RequirementYesYes / Dual 120V - 20amp
120VAC/15AMP GFCI Convenience OutletYesYes
Interior LightingYesYes
Heavy Duty Trailer7000lb Tandem Axle w/ Electric Brakes7000lb Tandem Axle w/ Electric Brakes
Dimensions170"L x 96"W x 72"H170"L x 96"W x 72"H
Approximate Weight4,600lbs4,600lbs
Approvals / CertificationCSACSA